Traffic School Program

Traffic school Program

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Driving School course via Internet, Video/DVD, or Live Class.

Online Course
The main benefit of completing our FL Driving school online course is the fact that you can do it at your own pace, based on your schedule. Our Florida Online Driving School course was designed with ease of use in mind. If you are a student and have 15 minutes available between classes, simply log on to your FL Driving School online account for the 10 minutes. Just be sure to save your time before exiting and you just completed 10 minutes of your required hours. If you want to complete the online driving school course during your lunch break or any time you have some free time, our online course gives you that ability.

Classroom Course
If you opt for our classroom driving school course you will encounter a more interactive approach to learning. We strongly encourage class participation. This in turn will allow students to not only learn driver education from the instructor, but from each other. Our traffic school instructors are well respected professional in the field of driver education. Something to keep in mind is that while our FL online driving school program gives you, what we feel is the best online traffic school in Florida; we likewise feel our classroom course provides an equally great experience.

DVD Course
Our DVD traffic school course combines the flexibility of our online course with the benefit of having an instructor's experience at hand. This option is great for those that rather watch the course on television rather than attend a class or be in front of a computer.


Keep your insurance from going up (Statute: 626.9541)

No point on your driver's license

Keep your Safe Driver Status

Out of state ticket holders are eligible

Receive up to a 10% discount on your car insurance for taking a voluntary Defensive Driving Course









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